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I visited this wonderful city in 1983 for the very first time and it was quite much different back in those days. I came to Miami couple of times since then, and every time I noted something different.

After all this is nicknamed the magical city because it changes year after year and I feel like I was born here and being part of this marvellous city since then.

I got a business administration degree at my hometown University and I started travelling all over the world due to my family business. I also attended the Miami Dade College and I got an Homeland Security credit certificate.

I consider myself a multitask person as had been doing a lot of different jobs since when I arrived here, like mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, U. S. Census enumerator, TSA officer at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Driver, Language instructor, guest service representative, Culinary demonstrator, etc. etc. but working as tour guide was the very first job I did here and that is something I likes so much because I love to provide service to people and share my knowledge with tourists. My graduation degree theses was on tourism legislation and techniques.

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